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Clean Up Your Source Code

Posted on 15 February 2003 by Demian Turner


Is your code looking a little sloppy these days?  You just bashed it in to get the idea down quickly, right, why not when you can always go back later and clean it up – yeah right 😉

Well fret not, phpCodeBeautifier to the rescue.  This wonderful, freely downloadable app will clean up your source code for you, available for Windows as an .exe standalone or via the command-line.  There are other command-line PHP CGIs you can run if you’ve chosen not to dirty your hands with Microsoft.

The app allows you to control the formatting with regards to:

  • comment rendering style: PEAR or PHPDoc
  • brace styles
  • aligning equals statements
  • forcing large PHP code tag
  • amongst others …
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  1. Nick Temple Says:

    Thanks for the pointer – great product. They now have a Linux version available.

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