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Browserless PHP Apps: Nova for Windows

Posted on 20 February 2003 by Demian Turner

About a year ago I was combing the web looking for a way to package a PHP-gtk project into a standard Windows installer, you know, double-click on setup.exe and everything takes care of itself.

All the gtk work I’ve seen up till now depends on the user being technical enough to install PHP and the gtk libraries, not good from a market penetration point of view for PHP.  One vital missing link that PHP currently suffers from is the inability to create easilly installable, standalone apps that non-technical computer users can download and fire up.  Like VB apps, or cpu-throttling java applets.

Well now, apparently, all that has changed, with the emergence of Nova, a napster-like fileshareing app written in PHP-gtk by

Needless to say you do not need PHP installed on your system to run this, and the setup is so easy I think my mother could manage it 😉

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What about information/links etc to find the tools to create such stand-alones?

  2. rick Says:

    here is the site that has the software to create these installers:
    Nullsoft Installer System


  3. demian Says:

    I use the nullsoft installer you can download it from here:

    What it does is take a \"nullsoft installer\" script file (.nsi) and compiles it to en executable for you.

    To make the installer you edit the script file (although there are some front end GUIs to make the install script but they are quite crappy).
    However there is a template generator here:

    Doucmentation comes with the download, its very similar to VB and quite easy to pick up the syntax they use.

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