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Open Source WYSIWYG Editor

Posted on 27 December 2002 by Demian Turner

Need a nice WYSIWYG editor for your latest project? Something that looks like this?

The Richtext Editor project is an Open Source project hosted by The editor is an Internet Explorer based WYSIWYG HTML Text Editor which can be hosted in a web page or form. It requires no additional components as it is written entirely in DHTML and JavaScript.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    has a listing of
    loads of WYSIWYG editors for embedding.

    XS DHTML Editor is one of my favourites, but xopus looks like it’ll hit
    the big time

  2. demian Says:

    great find 🙂

  3. Big John Says:

    A WYSIWYG Editor based on IE? That doesn’t sound so good. Internet Explorer has some very serious and seemingly deliberate flaws in the way it ‘interprets’ the W3C specs regarding CSS positioning. So a page made to look good will often break badly in competing browsers, even tho it’s IE violating the standards, and not them.

    The way CSS gurus handle it these days is to code to the specs (Gecko based, and Opera7), and then use css hacks to work around the oddities in the IE rendering engine.

    I find such bugs as a hobby, see:

    I have yet to even tackle the float atrocities, due to retching.

    The idea of basing an open source WYSWYG on such a broken inplementation seems like a contradiction in terms. Whose idea was that?

  4. demian Says:

    >> The idea of basing an open source WYSWYG on such a broken inplementation seems like a contradiction in terms

    Can\’t argue with that 😉

    However the practicality of developing a WYSIWYG editor based on a browser with 98% market penetration shouldn\’t completely obscure the need to stick to standards.

    If you know of any browser-based editors that achieve this please post them here. I\’ve found the main attractive functionality that all these editors share is the use of the <iframe>s to allow html elements in a \"textarea\". This must be supported in Mozilla et al?

  5. Big John Says:

    Don’t ask me, I have barely started in PHP, and barely know what a ‘browser based WYSWYG’ is.

    My main beef is that someone will use this tool to create a page, and that page will not be coded to the standards. Rather, it will be build around IE’s weird css positioning methodology, and when that person views it in a good browser it will appear broken, causing said person to badmouth said browser to whomever will listen.

    This works directly against the standards movement (not to mention competing browsers), something M$ might not mind too much. I personally believe that this is precisely why M$ allows these unique implementations to exist, but of course I have no proof, other than empirically.

    Generally, the W3C methods are designed for maximum versatility, and IE’s are geared toward ‘being kind to newbies’. I prefer versatility.

    However, if one thinks table based sites are the way to go, then all this is moot. I just don’t think that way.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The html generated by these richtext editors does not use css positioning and so any bugs in IE in this area are irrelevent.

    Author of The Richtext Editor

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I did ;P

    See other post to other part of this thread (I posted to wrong part … humm) about why this is not an issue. Well, not a big issue anyway.

    The HTML generated is plain HTML, no CSS involved except where that HTML is subsequently rendered. Therefore the workarounds suggested on your site for positioning issue will work with the editor also.

    The reason The Richtext Editor was written in IE is that the required facilities were not available in Mozilla at the time it was developed.

    Also note: IE6 does not follow the standards strictly unless the strict DOCTYPE header is included in the document. It has to do this for backward compatablity with earlier version of IE. I dont know if your tests took this into account.

    The Richtext Editor

  8. Anonymous Says:

    xopus very looks nice indeed.

    XS DHTML Editor also looks quite nice, it does however use code from The Richtext Editor and is doing so in a way that breaks the original license.

    The Richtext Editor

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