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Problems with Internet Explorer 6

Posted on 03 October 2002 by Demian Turner

About what seems like 8 months ago now I tried to install IE6 when it first came out on a laptop with Windows2000 as the operating system. Regardless of the endless spate of security warnings, my Messenger address book being opened up to the public, etc., I thought what the heck, if it’s faster than IE 5.5 I’ll give it a go. Well every thing seemed fine until I went to open windows Explorer – the microsoft equivalent of my window manager crashed, the desktop went blank, and although an automatic recovery kicked in, it became impossible to use Explorer from that moment on. Quite a handicap that is, not being able to access the files on your machine, and as I wasn’t prepared to revert to DOS I promptly uninstalled IE6, writing off the problem as a DLL conflict with some rogue program I must have installed.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I\’ve been using IE 6 on XP for more then a year. I have not seen that problem but do have another nagging issue. I like to place my top sites and folders in the links tool bar. When you select a site from your links bar, IE 6 does not bring it up in the IE window your using – it picks a random one from your already open IE sessions. Its a known issue but only IE 6 and XP.

    Very annoying when you wanted that other browser open to where it previously was. Accessing the sites via the Favorlites/links/folder/site and it works fine.

    I\’ve been using XP for more then a year on my PIII 800 and can go weeks without rebooting and I use it all day. Never could do that even with Win2K.


  2. demian Says:

    Interesting to hear a good report on XP, your positive experience stands out from the usual complaints that circulate.

    Regarding the window recycling, I guess you\’ve unchecked the \’reuse windows for launching shortcuts\’ in options->advanced ?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I just got done rebuilding my system a few days ago. I purchased Windows 2000 SP2 full install from a local PC vendor. Then I installed SP3, giving Bill Gates root access to my PC whenever he wishes. (If he can get past my firewall…) Then I installed IE6 SP1 and everything worked fine. FINALLY, I installed what remained of the critical hot fixes from windowsupdate.

    I used to be in computer support, and I learned a long time ago of an unwritten code of behavior when installing Microsoft software: \"Always install in order, from the oldest software to the most recent.\" It would be nice if windowsupdate took that into consideration automatically, as it would surely avoid many problems for new users. (Think of someone who installs all the hot fixes first, and then installs the big service pack. If they had installed the service pack first, most of the hot fixed would not apply, and there would not be any chance for potential conflict.)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yep – it\’s a known bug.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have IE6 installed on my Win98SE machine and it is working just fine! The only problem is I tried once to uninstall it to go back to IE5.5 and it doesnt get uninstalled! I guess I am stuck with it but thank god (yes) it is working fine (for now at least!). LOL.

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