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PHP Auto Login

Posted on 22 October 2002 by Demian Turner

From Zend
Setting cookie that is valid for a long term is not secure. I prefer to use
“session cookie” for login session management.  Session cookie is cookie that
does not have expiration time. Session cookie is stored in memory in most of
browsers and deleted when user closes browser.

Here is tip to implement auto login feature with secure manner.

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  1. beethai Says:

    I was wondering what the different between

    Why is HTTP_REFERER unreliabe?

  2. demian Says:

    i slapped that into google (as you probably did yourself) and sure enough the 2nd result in the list had a clear answer to your question.

    try this page:

    and search for the function \"send_email()\" to see how this author uses each uniquely.

  3. anonymous Says:


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