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Confessions of a Compulsive Coder

Posted on 20 August 2002 by Demian Turner

recently spotted in the Russell Beattie Notebook

I can drive myself really nuts by being a perfectionist. I can produce absolutely ZERO for years that way. I’ve done it, I know. That’s where the “just get it done” motto came from. I was sick of trying to write the world’s most perfectly written code, or developing the most beautifully structured programs and not getting anything done. I call it being “blocked”: Sitting at your computer for hours on end, but not producing a single line of working code to show for it. It’s the fear of not having perfect code to show off to your geek friends. It’s the fear that really down deep you’re a shitty coder and as soon as you produce something everyone’s going to know it.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    to be exact, I have a perfect RFC like idea for Unified Messaging in my head, but I only found a name for it. I hope to get the RFC/Idea written so anybody gets my´point within the next year, so I can start implement code then.

    if you have interesst (its a kind of communication protocol on top of email,web,fax,mobil and voice) contact me on

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