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Switching Desktops in Linux

Posted on 21 July 2002 by Demian Turner

Why is it the most simple things are impossible to find? There is a very simple way to switch between the two main desktop environments in Linux, KDE and Gnome. Just type:

# switchdesk

at the command prompt. Try find that on Google and you\’ll be out of luck. If you have a similar experience to me, you\’ll need to download the 176 MB Ximian desktop which contains the basic gnome libraries required to run the majority of Linux gui apps. What\’s that you say, you\’ve used up2date so your redhat install has all the bleeding edge libraries? Well it still won\’t have the required gnome libraries. So start downloading, hope you have adsl 😉

Then you think you\’re happy with KDE but you want to give gnome a try. So you switch into gnome via an obviously provided app named \’desktop switcher\’. Well once you\’re in gnome no where within the gnome menu system, options, configurations will you find the option of how to switch back to KDE. A ploy almost worthy of Microsoft?

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