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Generate Excel files based on DB output

Posted on 07 May 2002 by Demian Turner

This project includes some classes which are used to generate very simple MS Excel file (xls) via PHP. The generated xls file can be obtained by web as a stream file or can be written under $default_dir path. It has very simple usage to generate xls file from a select query using mysql, pgsql, oci8 databases.

– Max character size of a text(label) cell is 255
( due to MS Excel 5.0 Binary File Format definition )

Give it a try here

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    this seems to be an extension of the same idea:

  2. demian Says:

    Another class has been developed to manipulate Excel files.

    Class for generating Excel files, based on John McNamara\’sSpreadsheet::WriteExcel from CPAN.
    It supports all the basic values for cells.
    It doesn\’t support URLs, images (working on it) and charts. It has very asic support for formulas.

    Give it a try at

  3. demian Says:

    a nice little trick with PHP is if you need quick and easy content outputted to the excel file format, you just markup what you need in html, and send it with excel headers.

    see this code for an example.

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