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Create High Quality Graphs with Jpgraph

Posted on 18 May 2002 by Demian Turner

If you haven’t already heard, advanced dynamic graphing features are now available to PHP thanks to Jpgraph .  This fantastic graphing library offers:

  • a very user-friendly API
  • completely OO code structure
  • easy installation
  • extensive graphing types
  • see a working example list here
  • try the tutorial on Zend

The latest version (1.6.3 at the time of writing) installed without a hitch on my system, download it and give it a try if you want to be able to create dynamic graphs for your site’s data.

nb: note the following requirements:

  • you must have at least PHP 4.02 installed
  • code released under QPL 1.0 (Qt Free Licensee) , free for non-commercial use only
  • requires GD library 1.6.2 or higher

nb 2003-01: examples now work again, brief downtime due to server switchover

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  1. demian Says:

    Some great tutorials on jpgraph thanks to the folks at phpfreaks:

    introduction to
    jpgraph I

    introduction to jpgraph

  2. OpenGL Projects Says:

    You can also create high quality Graphs using OpenGL. You can use these high quality Graphs in your OpenGL Projects.
    These openGl project can be used in many applications.

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