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Advantages of PHP over Java

Posted on 06 May 2002 by Demian Turner

Although approximately a year old, this advocacy piece on PHP mentions some interesting arguments favouring everyone’s favourite web development language.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If the developers are proper software engineers, and not just script coders, then all these advantages of PHP over JSP amounts to nothing!

    I doubt, very much, that you will find IBM, Oracle, SUN, BEA providing application servers or standards for PHP.

    PHP is without much doubt the best option for small to medium-small business needs. These businesses do not need middle-ware which supports complete security, transactions, multiple db access from local and/or remote datasources.

    What they want is what PHP offers best!

    And what is it that every company wants?

    To web enable their Database, of course!

  2. ronak Says:

    Sorry, Mr Cyn …

    You are out of touch re: IBM‘s view of PHP. They are as much a supporter of PHP as they are of Java and JSP.

    IBM are moving PHP, Linux and many Open Source applications into the corporate arena and the data centre. They are porting Linux to their mainframes and minicomputers and this configuration is opening up new markets in the public sector in Europe.

    See the following link for a list of current articles about PHP on the IBM developerWorks website. I can recommend that any serious developer joins the IBM program.

    PHP articles on IBM’s DeveloperWorks website

    It is pointless to argue over the merits of PHP over JSP when many professional web application developers will use both and they can also be mixed effectively in the same application.

    What determines whether I use PHP or Java servlets/JSP is the server and deployment environment. Not all ISPs support Java servlets and JSP and many only do provide this as part of a shared VM which can be problematical (depending on your neighbours).

    The application itself can also be the deciding factor. If a web database requires I18N support then it is better to use PostgreSQL and JSP which both Unicode and can support international collation sequences

  3. Prajith, from the martial arts world Says:

    So you are saying that PHP is not the better options for a medium-high serous biz apps?
    Are you mentioning security risk in PHP?

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