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Win-XP vs Red Hat 7.2

Posted on 10 December 2001 by Demian Turner

Check out the full article at the Register.

I’ve had no end of fun this weekend installing and uninstalling and reinstalling and reuninstalling Windows-XP Home Edition and Red Hat 7.2 Personal Edition, both of which launched last week.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I never had such problems installing redhat 7.2.

    Installed it on a:
    – PII 200mhz with 64mb
    – PIII 600mhz with 128mb
    – PIII 800mhz with 256mb
    – PIV dual 1.9mhz with 1024mb

    Never had any crashes or what so ever. I work with it every day.
    I did found an bug in KDE. A copy and paste bug. But i can life with that.
    I can\’t life with XP it\’s not an improvement on any version of windooz.
    They added some graphics and there new functionailty is stolen from functionailty of linux. For example the multiple desktop thing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have had tons of FUN with XP. As far as a desktop system it\’s GUI rapes anything else out there. I have had nothing but problems using X and the windows managers under linux. Maybe I have these problems cause I\’m a windows tranfery but I still perfer XP – Professional as my normal desktop. I agree that Linux kicks ass and is fundementally better than windows, still the two GUI\’s I know of (KDE + Gnome) are not very fun to play with. I had no 7.2 Install problems, but also XPirianced no XP install problems. I funny fact though, XP somehow tried to take over my DHCP service and kicked linux off the net. 🙂 (Just like a Gates would) I had to give linux a static IP and everything is fine now. YEAH!

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