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Brush Up your SQL

Posted on 17 November 2001 by Demian Turner

Do you feel the need to test your SQL abilities? If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the majority of coding you do involving SQL really doesn’t push the language to its limits. Many business problems can be solved by what you might call the ‘first level’ of of Structured Query Language.

Well now that Brainbench is charging US$20 per exam, if you felt like testing yourself you’d be out of luck. That is of course unless you’ve heard of Yes, you can also try the more obvious but that one is really targetted for absolute beginners. Check it out, challenge yoursef, and see how quickly you can get through all the test problems. The FREE course covers the following:

  1. SELECT Statement
  2. Aggregate Functions
  3. GROUP BY clause
  4. HAVING clause
  5. ORDER BY clause
  6. Combining Conditions & Boolean Operators
  7. IN and BETWEEN
  8. Mathematical Functions
  9. Table Join
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