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A Viable Replacement for Internet Explorer

Posted on 04 November 2001 by Demian Turner

If haven’t haven’t discovered it yet, head on over to and try out K-Meleon
– a windows-based fully standards compliant browser. At less than 4MB for the download, if you’re anything like me you’re likely to be quite suspicious as the countless ‘browser killer’ replacements I have downloaded in the last couple of years have predominantly turned out to be rubbish.

But K-Meleon will not disappoint – amazingly the app loads faster than IE 5.5, about twice as fast from what I can judge based on my PIII 750. Page rendering is very fast, and K-Meleon’s stylesheet ‘fidelity’ would seem corroborate the browser’s claim to be fully standards compliant.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Try It\’s the fastest web-browser around.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    the reason for the fantastic standards compliance and for the textarea issue is that kmeleon is based on the same gecko engine that powers mozilla. if mozilla is not your thing, I strongly reccommend k-meleon.*

    -gw <><

    *Mozilla users beware… if you try k-meleon and have it share your bookmarks file with mozilla and you use the bookmark toolbar plugin and you run kmeleon without mozilla running at the same time, your toolbar folder will cease to be a special folder in Mozilla, meaning it won\’t display on your link toolbar anymore! you can fix this by editing the bookmarks.html manually, but only if you have a correct one to look at and you know what you\’re doing!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    why, because it\’s their slogan? it is not the fastest browser, it sucks at interpreting javascript, and unlike every other browser it costs money.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    No way…. K-Meleon beats them all..

    FASTEST loading times recorded yet.. smallest RAM usage.. & best standards compliancy seen in a free browser!!!

    Try K-Meleon today…

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